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Nova Scotia
Bootyplayerz: What your means nickname?
Nova Scotia: well;
I’m into all things weird and once read about the mystery of Oak Island in Nova Scotia. As the story goes, over a hundred years ago 3 men were out fishing and seen 3 green lights over Oak Island. The next morning they went to investigate and found some earth that had been recently dug over. So they decided to dig to see what was buried. What they found was a sophisticated security system that a hundred years later and numerous excavations, they still can’t get to the bottom to see what is buried. I thought that was pretty cool and would sound like a cool name.
Hope that clears that up Smile

Bootyplayerz: How are did you start the adventure with HU and what prompted you to produce HU?
Nova Scotia: I have always been into big, melodic and energetic music. I suppose hands up is the perfect fit for me whether it’s popular or not I’ll enjoy making it.

Bootyplayerz: How long have you been producing?
Nova Scotia: I have been producing for around 7 years. I was lucky after just a year to get to work with Micky Modelle and his producer James Everett. I learnt not only production skills but a lot about the music business in general.

Bootyplayerz: What made ??you to start their own label?
Nova Scotia: I guess starting a label is the best platform to get your music heard. It’s a lot harder to get stuff signed to the major dance labels due to the economy these days, so as long as you think your music is of a decent standard I would recommend it.

Bootyplayerz: Does everyone can get into it?
Nova Scotia: Yes, anyone can start their own label. I use feiyr for distribution. However, there are other distribution sites out there.

Bootyplayerz: What are your plans for the future?
Nova Scotia: My plans for the future is just try and get as much hands up tracks out there as possible. I will try a few other genres but concentrate on hands up. Also help as many people as I can to try and make hands up music more popular.

Tyle mi sie udało wydusić. Możliwe, że w późniejszym czasie odpisze mi na jeszcze jedno fajne pytanie Wink

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Wszystko fajnie i miło, tylko na przyszłość dodawaj też może tłumaczenie Polskie ; )
Przyda sięTongue

Fajnie, cos ciekawego na forum! Smile ...
Mam nadzieje, ze bedzie wiecej pytan zwiazanych konkretnie z producerka, (daw itp) Smile

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Kiedyś korzystał z Abletona, nie wiem jak teraz ;D

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