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TranzistorZ - Tired

TranzistorZ - Tired

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  • dikosanya, Djmegaflor85, michal93, Michuxfcb
This track and some tracks in the last update have the original .wav format. If anyone needs this format, then it can be downloaded from the author's Soundcloud page. I did not give direct links for downloading files in the .wav format, because on my PC there were certain problems with such files ... I do not want other users to have such problems, so I warn you in advance.
Let me explain why. Some files in .wav format after downloading my PC can not move them, either to another folder or trash. The PC starts to freeze when I do anything with this file. I couldn't even just delete it ... For this I used the additional program "LockHunter". I recommend it to everyone if someone has a similar problem Smile

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  • Michuxfcb
Hmmm, you have problem with any large files?
I don't have problems with WAV and larger, so I upload this.

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  • Michuxfcb
The problem is not in the size of the file ... And not all .wav are like that. I warned about this issue. I do not want to be accused of giving links to files that cause their PC to freeze ... I explain, if someone has such a problem, then you can delete a file that is not deleted using a free program "LockHunter".

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  • Michuxfcb
Strange problem you've got there..

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  • Michuxfcb
Tutaj aż się prosi track o vox. Zabrał bym nawet. Naciągane takie 5.5/10

Signature of DaNiEl P Trance is an emotions. Feel it!!

Trance to emocje. Poczuj to!!

[Obrazek: 1467928595-1770023456-poster.jpg]
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  • Michuxfcb

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